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Our 25th Anniversary Year

Our organization, founded after many months of prayer by a group of dedicated Christian leaders in 1983, has reached its 25th Anniversary year here in 2008. Begun originally as the Chattanooga Resource Foundation, our ministry was formed to engender Chattanooga as a 'city for God'.

Through the years this has taken many forms in a united effort with area churches, ministries and community leaders. Whether it was spawning the Faith & Family Night at Riverbend, graduating over 450 individuals in our nationally renowned Christian Leadership Training Classes, sponsoring internationally recognized Christian speakers such as Rick Warren, Os Guinness and Tony Evans or filling Finley Stadium in 2002 on the National Day of Prayer 50th Anniversary for a night of worship and prayer -- we've been the catalyst for spiritual renewal in our city.

Our ministry served as the incubator for such vibrant organizations as: First Things First, Chattanooga Youth Network and Scenic City Women's Network. We developed Serve Chattanooga as an outreach to the community to model servant leadership assisting public schools with work projects and supplies and now will branch out into neighborhoods in need of support.

And though our name has changed to better reflect the vision of the 21st century, our mission remains fixed. We believe God has a design for Chattanooga and that He wants His people to have His heart for our city. Through the use of prayerful partnerships and planned initiatives we help meet the strategic needs of the Christian community in Chattanooga.

We are committed to a future for Chattanooga where the influence of Christ and His people is pervasive, like salt or light. We hope you share this vision too and will play a role in our efforts as we move forward to another generation of service to our community.

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