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A Letter from Chattanoogans to the Professional Abortionists Planning To Open A Clinic Here

Please find below the text of the letter sent from the "PRO-LIFE MAJORITY COALITION of CHATTANOOGA' to the owners of the national chain of facilities planning to hire professional abortionists for a clinic here in Chattanooga. It would be helpful if you could pass along the content of this letter to your church pastors, bible study groups and friends and neighbors. It is hoped concerned Christians will phone the clinic owners at their North Carolina phone number (1-704-665-4120) and them know that we do not want their clinic here in Chattanooga today, tomorrow or ever. Chattanooga is the largest city in the United States without a professional abortion clinic and that has been true for more than fifteen years. It would be nice if we could keep our city clean of such a reprehensible business.


To: A Preferred Woman's Health Clinic

We are sending this letter to ask you not to locate one of your abortion facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In Chattanooga, we place a very high value on human life. We have a great love for our mothers, fathers, and children. Chattanooga does not need abortion services, and we do not want this type business in our city.

We believe the clinic will only hurt the people of our city. Some people think that an abortion only hurts the child whose life is ended. This is only partly true. The mothers of these lost children suffer in great ways after they make the choice to end their pregnancy. The grief and torment felt by these women after they decide to abort their child is almost unbearable. In our city, we show love to these women and walk beside them on their journey back to health. For the mothers in our city who would consider an abortion, we offer love, compassion, education, health, and hope. We tell them we will walk with them through their pregnancy. What abortionists offer is a one-time solution to a problem. They abort the child, collect their fee, and turn the woman away to a life of despair and shame.

We believe the clinic will also hurt the children of our city. What an abortionist does ends the life of an innocent child. What they do sends a message to children that life is not precious. The children of Chattanooga are our future and our treasure. What an abortionist does hurts young women by devaluing the wonderful gifts the Creator gave to women; namely, the gifts of child bearing and motherhood. Abortionists teach young women that they are not unique in this wonderful way.

We believe the clinic will also hurt the men of our city. Abortionists teach young men that they do not have to be responsible for themselves and others. They teach young men disrespect for women. When the consequences of irresponsible behavior fall only to the aborted child and mother, abortionists allow men to not be men. Our city needs solid men that respect women.

Our city needs families that choose to stay together; mom, dad, and baby. At times this can be hard. We offer these women, children, men, and families' real help. Today, in Chattanooga, there are many organizations that serve those among us dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. These groups serve moms and babies during the pregnancy and after the birth. These groups help men be the men they were created to be. These groups offer assistance to single or struggling mothers. These groups serve our children. Chattanooga has no need for what abortion clinics sell. Chattanooga holds a unique place in the history of abortion. The United States National Memorial for the Unborn is located here on the site where 35,000 babies died as a result of abortions. Please leave our city alone. The voices that oppose your efforts are many and strong and will not fade away.



'Pro-Life Majority Coalition of Chattanooga'


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A Letter from Chattanoogans to the Professional Abortionists Planning To Open A Clinic Here

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